Academic Writing
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FEFU Online Course
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Academic Writing
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Practical skills and useful knowledge
Course Description
This course is designed for those who would like to improve their academic writing. It can be useful not only for undergraduate and postgraduate students, but also for experienced researchers, who don't feel very confident in writing their academic papers. This course focuses on three main categories of academic writing: content, organization, and language. You will acquire the essential knowledge and skills, building your overall academic literacy. After taking this course, you will:

  • understand the main differences between Russian and Western writing tradition;
  • learn what it means to be constructively critical as a reader and self-critical as a writer;
  • practice to create a well-structured paragraph;
  • learn the specific of academic vocabulary, grammar and style;
  • obtain practical skills in using argument and evidence in your essay;
  • be able to write an academic essay and get the feedback
Course Information
English Proficiency Level: not less than CEFR B1+
CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH Language Assessment 180+
IELTS 5.5 +, TOEFL iBT 87+
4 Quizes (no weight)
12 Practice Tests (no weight)
3 assignments (20% each)
Final Essay (40%)

Studying process
After each lecture you are offered to complete a certain type of the exercises (quiz, practice test or assignment). You are expected to submit three assignments and a final essay before on time. If you have any question, you are advised to contact technical support or your course leader.

Academic Information
36 academic hours,
1 credit
Course Content
Section I
Lecture 1. Academic Culture and the Education System
Lecture 2. Academic Writing in the Anglo-Saxon Tradition
Lecture 3. Critical Reading and Writing
Lecture 4. Plagiarism
Assignment 1
Section II
Lecture 5. Academic Vocabulary
Lecture 6. Academic Grammar
Lecture 7. Academic Style
Lecture 8. Selected Reading
Assignment 2
Section III
Lecture 9. Essays and essay questions
Lecture 10. Thesis statement
Lecture 11. Structure for an argument essay
Lecture 12. Argument
Lecture 13. Evidence
Lecture 14. Introductions, conclusions and references
Section IV
Lecture 15. Literature Review
Lecture 16. Social Science Report
Lecture 17. Research Proposal
Assignment 3
Final Project (Essay)
Meet your instructor
Julia Khukalenko

Ph.D. in philology (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University), Master of Education (The University of Sydney), English Language Interpreter (Far Eastern Federal University).

Work experience

Since 2011: Second Language (English, Spanish, Russian) teacher at Far Eastern Federal University.