Julia Khukalenko
the author
Many years ago I chose literature as my major, even though I had the opportunity to enter any faculty I wanted for free. Now it's time to "pay back" destiny.

I'm definitely not a writer, but I am the writer of my own life. My endless inner energy pushes me to discover new places, learn about new cultures and meet new people. There's a Russian song "The best mountains are those, which you have never been to before", and I totally agree with this line. That is why I never stop flying, driving, riding, sailing, running and moving in general. Every day I speak different languages, create something and learn. I try to enjoy every moment of my life, because I know that it can be stopped any moment.
One year in Australia
Facebook Diary
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What the book is about

What Aussieland is like when it's seen through Russian eyes?
This blook (book + blog) is about the difficulties of new arrivals. It's about the love of another culture, and about personal transformation of those who open themselves up to something new. My notes will be interesting for those who would like to travel to this amazing country and especially those who have thought of moving there to live.
"One year in Australia" is very easy to read. English is not my native tongue, and I tried to use the simplest possible version of this language, so that even intermediate language learners could enjoy it.
"I'm in love with the nation. They are open, friendly, simple and easy going. They make you feel welcomed, accepted and a part of their society."

Julia always inspires me. She is an amazing mother, wife, friend, teacher, global citizen, etcetera. She writes scientific articles, practices sports, travels and does million other things; she never gets tired and she's always in a good mood.

I read her book the day I moved to Italy from Russia. It gave me so much energy and inspirations, that I was sure I'd be able to handle all the possible difficulties in the future. I highly recommend reading this thing to those who think about going to Australia as a tourist and especially to those who plan to stay in this amazing country longer.

It is seriously cool. I've been living in Australia all my life and now I feel so different about my country. Knowing how open and honest Julia is as a person, it was exciting to see her views on Russia and other countries are compared to Australia. She traveled a lot and she knows what she is talking about. Julia made me re-think some things, it was really eye-opening to see Australia from a fresh perspective. I feel privileged to be the first person who read it.

También sentí muchas cosas que eran 100% "tú" y al mismo tiempo 100% rusas. Suerte, amiga!
In today's world, insight is a rare and precious commodity and, whenever found, should be not only carefully defended but, perhaps more importantly, enjoyed and cherished. So it is with no small amount of both interest and pleasure that the reader - no matter they be Australian, Russian, travel enthusiast, book lover or simply someone keen to read something utterly original - will meet with the pages of Julia's wonderful diary-turned-novel. The good critic is an honest critic, however, so I must put on record my disappointment that Julia insists on using (obviously) incorrect American-English spelling. Come on Julia, its colour not color!

But seriously, thank you for letting me read this Julia! I can't recommend it enough.
Не заметил, как прочитал: книга написана живым современным языком. Помимо жизненных историй есть очень интересные факты, о которых не подумаешь, пока не переедешь в страну. Например, как устроены детские сады в Австралии, что нужно говорить на собеседовании, рассказано о жизни самих австралийцев и животных-насекомых, окружающих их. Все это очень интересно! Когда книга заканчивается, остается чувство, что хочется еще что-то узнать об этой чудесной стране и ее обитателях.